Let's Talk Office Coffee

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Automatic Chef Canteen offers the highest quality coffee and service in Central Texas.  We carry a wide array of products available on all our coffee service routes.  We are committed to serving our customers by providing all the products you need and want at the best value possible.

We pride ourselves on taking care of businesses like yours every day.  It is our mission and drive to meet and exceed your expectations.  We provide and service industrial coffee brewing equipment free of charge when certain minimum requirements are met.  You can enjoy rich fresh-roasted coffee brewed professionally to taste the way it was intended.

Our coffee personnel maintain a complete inventory on their vans in order to fill all your office coffee needs.  In addition, they clean your unit and accessories with each delivery.  For your convenience, monthly billing is available, with approved credit.

Samples available upon request.

Automatic Chef Company is ready to serve you.  Count on us for prompt and courteous service.

Our coffee brands are:

  • Automatic Chef Company 100% Colombian Regular
  • Automatic Chef Company 100% Colombian Decaf
  • Folgers Regular
  • Folgers Classic Roast
  • Folgers Decaf
  • Maxwell House Special Delivery – Regular & Decaf
  • Maxwell House – Regular & Decaf
  • Maxwell House Masterblend – Regular & Decaf
  • Sugar and Sweeteners:
  • Sugar Canisters
  • Sugar Packets
  • Equal
  • Splenda
  • Sweet and Low
  • Sweet Thing – Sugar substitute